White House backs short-term funding bill to avoid shutdown

White House backs short-term funding bill to avoid shutdown good morning andrew well that's right the federal government does run out of money at the end of the month and the white house is now backing a short-term funding bill in order to, keep the lights on acting white house budget director shalonda young said yesterday that a stopgap measure would allow congress to avoid.

The severe disruptions of a government, shutdown as lawmakers work toward compromise on broader legislation the white house did not say how long this measure should last and.

Notably did not mention tying it to the debt ceiling instead the administration wants to add emergency funding for afghanistan and disaster relief to this package it's asking, for 6.4 billion dollars for humanitarian efforts and evacuation and relocation support for afghans and it's calling, for 14 billion for natural disasters that occurred in the last 18 months before hurricane ida another 10 billion at least will likely be needed to deal.

With the damage from ida itself now. Touring the devastation in new york and new jersey yesterday president biden said that disaster relief alone is not enough when i talk about building back better i mean you can't build what it was before this.

Last storm you got to build better so if the storm occurred again there would be no damage moving the, fight over government funding till later in the year.

Would also clear the decks for congress to focus on the infrastructure bill and that 3.5 trillion dollar social spending package.

Which andrew of course democrats are hoping to pass by the end of this month back to you shepard smith here thanks for watching cnbc on youtube.

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