Government shutdown; another lawmaker faces ethics investigation

Government shutdown; another lawmaker faces ethics investigation watch this just as idaho's house wraps up one ethics investigation they're being asked to launch another and yes it has to do with, how representative priscilla giddings handled the von ellinger investigation that potential probe could add even more days to what is already on. Track for the longest legislative session in state history and there are hundreds of bills, and budgets still on the table going home in nine days is going to be a big ask speaking of that you asked and we have come, up with the answer you've probably passed this little little known resting. Place and wondered who put this here the story behind the joplin cemetery day 110 of the 2021 legislative session another rather, quiet friday at the state house perhaps a bit of a breather considering the events that have taken place there the last two days the, resignation of representative aaron von ellinger yesterday afternoon after a hearing in the house ethics and policy committee wednesday that resulted in the unanimous recommendation, to censure suspend and possibly expel the 38-year-old who was accused of raping a 19-year-old, intern a hearing where the committee compelled the alleged sexual assault survivor to. Appear in person and testify something her attorneys argue was uncalled for they released this statement today saying while they are pleased vol ellinger is out of the legislature and unable to prey on. Any more young women at our state house his actions are simply unforgivable von. Ellinger could have and should have taken responsibility for his actions from the outset they, said instead he forced our teenaged client to suffer through weeks of the ethics committee investigation and. Ultimately having to testify in a public hearing worse yet he released his written defense without redacting her identity which. Has led to a campaign of harassment and bullying of her it's that campaign and harassment and bullying or that campaign of a harassment and bullying of the 19 year old who spoke. Up about being sexually assaulted that has led to calls for another ethics investigation of a member of idaho's house of representatives this, time into republican representative priscilla giddings advocates for, the alleged rape survivor say giddings publicly shared the teenager's name and image through an official newsletter and on social media the citizens group the idaho 97 are leading the, calls for an investigation into the matter joe paris spoke with the executive director of the group for their perspective on getting's conduct this is, about decent behavior this is about decency that. We should all expect from all of our leaders right that's all it's about supporters of the idaho 97 project are now working on a campaign to encourage lawmakers to launch, an ethics investigation into republican representative priscilla giddings the, idaho 97 project says their mission is to counter extremism in idaho.

Politics executive director mike sat says the request stems from giddings behavior during the ethics investigation into erin von ellinger she shared a readout article, with both the picture and the name of the victim in this case the survivor in. This case getting shared a link to the article in an official newsletter as well as on a facebook post the post and article have, now been edited to remove the name and photo but we're up for about two weeks giddings was questioned about her actions during the von, ellinger ethics hearing i'm looking at at the facebook post now and there is a picture of you did, post a picture of jane doe on there didn't you representative gannon i posted a link to a news article i reached out to, representative giddings for comments on this story she did not respond devlin she posted. Though clearly included an image with it when posted on facebook giddings later defended her post my, understanding there was no criminal proceeding going on at the time therefore everything was in accordance with, the house rule 45 and if representative von ellenhunger's name was going to be made public i believe that. Everybody should be innocent until proven guilty and that both sides of the story need to be equally represented i'm an attorney and in my mind i know that her defense is well i was just. Resharing a news article she's hiding behind that and she was using. That as an excuse to push it out every other member of the house. Knew better and knew not to do that sats adds that any.

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