Coronavirus Government Shutdown

The coronavirus pandemic is showing the economic effects slowly but surely. Now that the House just passed the coronavirus stimulus bill package which totals at $2 trillion, we expect more in the way to help the American economy. Since the economic situations have a very good record of shaping the government shutdowns, as of now, government shutdown for FY2021 seems very unlikely.

Given most government workers have been furloughed because of the pandemic or forced to work from home, a government shutdown in the near future wouldn’t be a good solution to all. However, we may see major cuts in funding to certain agencies. Although this wouldn’t necessarily have a direct result in a government shutdown, it will definitely affect the way agencies operate.

All and all, a government shutdown during the pandemic won’t be a great solution. And because of that, a government shutdown isn’t expected for the Fiscal Year 2021.

Why government shutdowns occur?

In the United States, government shutdowns occur when there is a failure to pass legislation to fund government agencies. This may affect certain agencies or all of the agencies. Most recently, the government shutdown under President Trump occurred because Democrats and Republicans couldn’t agree on funding the Homeland Security to fund a wall in the southern border.

Since we don’t have any concerns like this on our way, a future government shutdown is very unlikely to occur. You can check our updates on the government shutdown from our homepage here.

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