Congress temporarily averts impending government shutdown

Congress temporarily averts impending government shutdown politics of this pandemic overnight congress temporarily staved off a government shutdown by passing a short-term spending bill that gives them two more days to negotiate an economic relief package for people impacted by, the pandemic the well-being of millions of americans hang in the balance here so let's go to, abc's rachel scott who's right there in washington d.c covering this rachel good morning. To you dan good morning it was down to the wire congress averting that government shutdown but this is just a quick fix, it simply buys lawmakers the weekend to try and hash out details on a coronavirus stimulus package before aid runs out for millions of americans at the end of the, year with just hours before a government shutdown congress scrambling to fund the government for two more, days the bill landing on the president's desk before the midnight deadline but the fight on capitol hill is far from over we.

Cannot turn our backs on this suffering i voted for the 2.2 trillion dollar cares act but i also am concerned. About our children's future that measure only a temporary fix giving lawmakers another, 48 hours to try and finalize a covert relief package earlier in the day senate majority leader mitch. Mcconnell signaled a deal was close a bipartisan bicameral framework for major rescue package is very close at hand but optimism quickly faded what's going on as washington is at. Its worst lawmakers, are still at odds over a roughly 900 billion dollar relief package it would include 600 in direct payments for millions of americans plus 300 weekly federal unemployment benefits congressman jim clyburn telling me lawmakers are determined to, get a deal done, what is the holdup and will that relief get to americans who desperately need it we are not going home.

Until we pass some legislation that will give relief to the american people that i know but as talks drag on struggling americans are waiting for help i. Can't shut down this weekend because i have rent to pay i have to pay my employees i go, from a double income household to a single income my mom isn't working, i'm the only one working because my mom have to stay home with my daughter for online schooling another 885 thousand people, filed for unemployment just last week across the country lines at food banks stretching for miles we can always buy fruits and vegetables to supplement, it but meat is expensive and with two kids at home it's really. Important to have this food and time is running out congress now working through the weekend to try and reach a deal. It comes as leaders on both sides of the eye are trying to build confidence around the vaccine over the last 24 hours we've seen vice president mike pence speaker of the house, nancy pelosi and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell all. Received their vaccinations president-elect joe biden is scheduled to receive his on monday whit and so many. Americans still desperate for that relief rachel scott for us thank you so much well hey there gma fans robin roberts here thanks, for checking out our youtube channel lots of great stuff here so go on click the subscribe button right over right over.

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